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I’ve been working hard on keeping my instagram current and have huge plans for a website update this winter.


This is one of the double web mugs that sold this past weekend! Thank you for all of your support this season. I am going to get started on taking some pictures of what pieces I have left and get my shop loaded up. Also, I am clearing out the space I used to build the display and getting ready to make a new sound installation this winter. As some of you might of heard, the sound installations are the reason I started researching and collecting spider webs in the first place.

Thanks neighbor for letting me collect this web off of your fence, maybe the last one of the season!

come see the show!!!

Paxton Gate PDX Presents:

An Evening with Visual Artist Angela White

Opening Night Friday, August 4th 5-9pm ~ Closing September 3rd

For her show at Paxton Gate, Angela White collaborates with natural phenomenon and other species, recording, processing and transforming the materials and information of her surroundings. The black and white images are silver gelatin photograms of rain, fog, dew and frost. A photogram is a shadow like photograph made by placing objects directly between a light source and light sensitive paper. Each of these elements, when gathered, creates patterns connected with the weather and atmospheric conditions of the place and moment. In brief, these are scientific/artistic documents of water in its various forms and reactions on the biological, ecological and aesthetic value of water. The porcelain forms are functional art objects onto which Angela has gathered spider webs from her garden and neighborhood, preserving these fragile and ephemeral creations of local makers on one of the world’s most enduring surfaces. Together, these works speak to the magic of the ordinary and unassuming all around us.

detail of sound installation